About COVID-19 / Coronavirus

Category: General

Dear customers of Hyundai Baumaschinen Nord GmbH,

since its foundation, our company has been defined by the service we offer our customers. Despite the problems,

which we are all facing due to the coronavirus, we are doing everything we can to maintain our service as much as possible.

From now on, we will proceed as follows to avoid contamination:


We have decided to let some employees work at home as long as this does not compromise our service for you.

All our employees can be reached via their normal telephone numbers and email addresses and can help you.

Furthermore, you can now contact us via WhatsApp under our normal

Phone number (05924-799330).

Parts warehouse

Parts can be easily ordered by phone or email. All our employees are available.

If you still want to pick up parts in Bad Bentheim or Castrop-Rauxel, please enter this at your order, then our employee can coordinate the process with you. However, we prefer to send the parts.

Field service technician

Our field service is available for breakdowns and maintenance.

Parts are delivered either to you or to our field technicians to avoid contact. This can sometimes lead to delays.

You can make an appointment as usual. Our technicians are of course instructed to:

avoid all social contacts and therefore will not shake hands or come to your canteen for lunch and the like.

We ask you to cooperate so that we can offer you our service even in these difficult times.


Our workshops are open and work is being done. We kindly ask you not to visit our workshops if possible.

Machines that need to be serviced or repaired in Bad Bentheim or Castrop-Rauxel can be brought after consultation.

We are happy to coordinate with you by phone how this can be done.


Our offices and employees can be reached by phone and e-mail during normal office hours.

We ask you not to visit our offices if possible and to do everything by phone, email or WhatsApp.

We thank you for your cooperation and trust and strive to provide our service

and keep your downtime to a minimum. We ask for your

Understanding that some things may take a little longer.

Your and our health and safety are paramount and this will always be paramount in our actions.

We will get through this with you!

Your team of Hyundai Baumaschinen Nord GmbH